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Meet The New Food Fête


If you’re reading this post, you’ve noticed Food Fête has a new home on the web.

2014 marks our tenth year, so I wanted to create a new website from the ground up with a more modern look that better communicates our brand, while putting a more “human” face on our food press events, which after all are about making human connections.

I’d first like to thank the team at Trevelino/Keller Communications, an Atlanta-based communications firm, for their work in helping create and shape our new look. Its founders were PR colleagues of mine many years ago, and have since gone on to create one of the country’s fastest growing PR firms, offering a wide range of expertise, including web and brand development.

Nice job Tanner and Cody.

Integrated into the new site is this new blog, which will be different from what I’ve done in the past. I also promise to keep it current.

What can you expect to see? In addition to sharing new food, beverage and kitchenware products (they may or may not have been at our events), I will share tips on how to best work with the food press; present brief Q&A interviews with food makers and food writers; provide news and updates on our events; and share any late-breaking, food-related editorial opportunities that come my way. I’ll also pass along food PR jobs that I hear about.

I hope you’ll come back often to see what we’re doing here, and share with me what you’re thinking about what’s happening in the food industry. And don’t feel like you have to agree with my opinions, because nothing’s better than a lively debate.

– Jeff Davis, Food Fête Founder

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