Food Fete

Food Fete is Being Reinvented

The Best is Yet to Come

Between 2005-’17, Food Fete was the first and standard-setting media event that showcased new specialty food & beverage products to top food editors and bloggers. PR agencies liked how we helped them better serve their clients, and brands with limited PR resources got access to  influential food writers.

Last summer, I announced Food Fete was coming to a close, but things change. I’ll soon be announcing the first of several new Food Fete-branded events in 2018 that I believe will better meet a changing industry landscape, address more business problems, and reach more people.

Food Fete loyalists may not recognize our events going forward, however, I believe the new level of value we’re creating will go far beyond press relationships to the heart of what small-to-medium sized food companies need most right now.

If you’re not following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I hope you will, and if we’re not connected on Linkedin, invite me to connect if you believe we have genuinely shared interests.

Change is good, so join us on this new ride!

– Jeff Davis, Founder

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